The Boy Who Draws

Our Story

In September of 2016, when he was five years old, we took our son to the UK, stopping for a few days in London. We packed several pads and pencils to distract him, assuming that he wouldn't be interested in seeing the sights. Because what right-minded five year old would be interested in architecture?

The first day began with a ride on a red double-decker bus to Saint Paul’s Cathedral. After the tour, we found ourselves on a roof deck opposite. Whilst we took photos, our son proceded to open his pad and draw Saint Paul's. Four drawings later, we were ready to move on.

But he had other ideas. To our surprise, he wanted to keep going. Over the next five days, he continued to do so: Buckingham Palace; The London Eye; Piccadilly Circus; Tower Bridge; Borough Markets. We watched as he sat down, spread his pencils out and set to work, oblivious to the cameras of curious onlookers.

We loved the line quality of his drawings, so on our return, we scanned our favourites, adding dashes of colour. The Boy wanted to do more, so he continued; he chose the cities he wanted, then went online and picked four buildings for each which he liked the look of.

By the age of six, he had produced some 50 drawings of buildings from 12 cities around the world. From these, we have created the ‘The City Series’ of cards and A4 prints, which you can find in our online shop. We also stock Perth and Fremantle linen tea towels, plus our very first cotton t shirt.

As he keeps drawing, we're scanning his linework, combining them, and adding colour, to make prints and occasion cards that we hope you'll love. Please direct any questions you may have to For wholesale enquiries, please enquire here.