The Boy Who Draws


Drawing Tower Bridge, London, aged 7

Drawing Tower Bridge, London, aged 7


Does The Boy do all the line drawing himself?

Of course. The most remarkable bit of this whole venture isn't whether his drawings are any better than a child of his age. What we love is his sheer commitment to drawing on a regular basis. It's a serendipitous relationship between a kid with a passion, and a Mum whose job as a designer is to enhance the raw material she's given. We simply scan his linework, and sometimes combine them, before adding colour to make the final product. We are also responsible for the occasional cheesy pun. Please don't hold him responsible.

How old was he when he started?

He first showed interest in drawing buildings during our trip to London when he was five (2016). He's equally fascinated by both the architectural and engineering aspects, so his favourite TV shows are usually documentaries about skyscrapers, mega tunnels, bridges etc. We dearly hope that one day he gets to see all these places in person, and perhaps draw them for real.

How many cities has he drawn?

To date, he's drawn almost 60 buildings from 13 cities around the world, including Agra, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Mexico City, Moscow, New York, Paris, Perth (and Fremantle), Rome, Santiago, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Venice.

Has he visited them all?

Alas no. All his drawings from London, Fremantle and Perth have been drawn in situ. The rest are the result of what he likes the look of on his favourite search engine.

Do you make him do it?

If we'd discovered how to get a child to do something they don't want to with such zeal, we'd have patented it and stashed the proceeds in an offshore tax haven. In short, no.

What does he want to be when he grows up?

Wooooaaah there, he's only seven! When poked by strangers, hes saying he’d love to be an illustrator. We suspect that 'paid ice cream taster' might trump both, given the opportunity.

What's next?

Who knows? Perhaps he'll decide he'd rather chew his own legs off than do one more drawing. As long as he's happy, we're happy.